Texas Flood Relief

About This Performance

Please consider donating to one of the many organizations providing relief in the Houston area right now. (Good list here)

One of my viewers suggested I do a cover of the song Texas Flood to help raise awareness about the flooding in Texas Right now. It's not much, but every little bit helps.

If you like this performance, please consider donating. If you're a guitar player who likes this style of playing, you can purchase the tabs and backing track from this performance and donate that way.

100% of your purchase will be donated to the Houston Food Bank.
Texas Flood Relief Performance

Performance video, tabs and backing track.

If you'd like to contribute more, please donate directly to the Houston Food Bank.

Donation Details

At the end of each week, I'll tally up the sales of this package and donate that amount directly to the Houston Food Bank.

I'll post a running tally of what was raised on this page.

  • As of Thurs. 8/31 - $1,210 raised.
  • As of Sat. 9/2 - $1,530 raised.
  • As of Thurs. 9/6 - $2,040 raised.
  • 9/6 - Check sent for $2,040.
  • 9/19 - Check sent for $580.
Download Status

Backing Track MP3 - Done

Performance Video - Done

Backing Track and Multi-Track Masters - Done

Tabs - Done