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Wampler Clarksdale Delta Overdrive


Wampler Clarksdale Delta Overdrive

This is Brian Wampler’s take on the classic Tube Screamer circuit. The primary attraction for me is the 3-band tone control. This feature gives you much more control over the pedal than the single tone control of the original. The active midrange and bass controls allow to get much more transparent tones than a regular Tube Screamer, but also more cutting and thick tones. The gain is usable and pleasing at all levels, and with the gain at 0, the Clarksdale can be a very useful clean, or shaped boost.

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The Clarksdale is an ideal pedal for a player who likes the original Tube Screamer but wanted more midrange, more bass, or a more transparent tone. All of these things are possible with the Clarksdale.


  • Tone Controls
  • Great sounding overdrive
  • Plenty of boost


  • Pushing an overdriven amp
  • Getting that "screaming" Albert King / SRV tone for lead

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