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I’m Doing A Course For TrueFire

It took almost a year to work out, but I’m finally shooting my first course for next week. It's a huge honor to be associated with a company like Truefire, I'm still not quite sure how this all happened,…

Overwound Pickups, Camera Apps, and Dirty Windows

Two sets of pickups. When compared, one set sounds hotter, more gritty than the other. But does that make it "better", or "more like SRV"? Fact: it is easy to make clean things appear dirty. It is not as easy…

How To Get SRV’s Tone

I’ve answered this email what seems like 10,000 times since starting StevieSnacks.

“I have _________amp and ________ guitar and ________ pedals. How do I sound get SRV tone with my gear?”

This is a hard question to answer,…

How Do I Use The Solo Matrix?

The SRV Style Solo Matrix has been a hit since its introduction. But I've noticed a reoccurring point of confusion. ####Short Version You probably won't have much success trying to moving up in skill level after two beginner or…

Standing Next To SRV’s Number One

Last week I spent about 15 minutes looking at a guitar that I've been listening to for over 15 years. Of course I'm talking about Stevie Ray Vaughan's beloved Number One Fender Stratocaster. It's on display at the Bob Bullock…

How To Kill The Blues

(This is satire, meant to make a point. I am not trying to kill the blues. You've been warned.) I love the blues. But let's say for the sake of argument that I hated blues and wanted to kill it.…

Introducing the SRV Style Solo Matrix

When I started StevieSnacks over 4 years ago, my singular goal was to teach people to play like Stevie Ray Vaughan. During that time, I've taught people how I view the fretboard, how I handle the guitar, and how to…

I’m Building The Matrix

What is the matrix? I remember asking that question in 1998, but that’s not really what this is about. In approximately two weeks, I'll be releasing two different beginner solo lessons, in the style of SRV's "Texas Flood" and "Mary…

The Great Big StevieSnacks Tools Roundup - 2012 Edition

10 years of misguided rock-star dreams, followed by 4 years of wildly successful online teaching, has left me with a large collection of computer equipment, software, guitars, amps, and effects. Here, as of April 2012, is a list of all…

A Week In Austin

Earlier in March, I made the trip to Austin, TX, partly to experience SXSW, but also because....well, it's Austin, and that requires no explanation when you're a Stevie Ray Vaughan nerd.

Taking A Break

For the next few weeks (probably two), starting Sunday, 1/8, I'm doing something that I've not done since StevieSnacks began over 4 years ago. I'm taking a break. Practically this means: * No Facebook posting/commenting * No email, except customer…

Why I Don’t Take Requests

Lately, I’ve received more “please teach me ______” emails than usual. That's not a bad problem to have, but I should tell you how I feel about lesson requests. The simple answer is that I don’t take requests, it's not…

4 Years - You Built This

Today marks the 4th year since I uploaded my first lesson to YouTube. During those 4 years, many things about my life have changed, while other things have not. This post is a tribute to you, the viewers and customers…

I Make Lessons, That Is What I Do Here

There's a great scene in the movie Office Space, where efficiency consultant Bob Slydell (John C. McGinley) leans across the desk, looks right at Peter (Ron Livingston) and says: > "What would you say..... you do here?" That movie has…

Nashville Amp Expo: Wampler Ego Compressor

First, I have very little experience with compressor pedals. Second, the Ego compressor was not some new release for the Nashville Amp Expo. Wampler Pedals actually had a pretty cool high-gain distortion pedal they were demoing for the first time…

Nashville Amp Expo: Samamp VAC 40 Series II

Some of you know, and others may not, but I've not used the Blues Junior regularly since 2009. The tone in my videos, since August 2009 comes from a VAC 23 amplifier, made by Sam Timberlake of Samamp. That amp…

Nashville Amp Expo Update 1

Here's a few notes from my first day at the 2011 Nashville Amp Expo. First of all, I didn't take any pictures because…well, there's no excuse for that. But wherever possible I will include images from the web of the…

What’s It Like To Teach Guitar Online?

Dr. Ken Tangen is a psychologist who's been interviewing people with interesting jobs, and publishing them as a podcast on his site I got the chance to do an interview for his site, and it turned out really well.

How Big Are Your Hands?

A customer emailed me to ask my hand dimensions, something that would seem creepy if it were not for the fact that I teach guitar lessons That got me thinking, that's probably something other people have wondered about, particularly as…

Rich G.A.S, Poor G.A.S.
*G.A.S. - Gear acquisition syndrome, a fake disorder affecting guitarists everywhere, often used as an excuse to buy gear that sounds just as bad when we play it as the gear we have now.*

A hard-working man, with…