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Blues Is More Than SRV

Recently StevieSnacks got a very nice mention on an Italian music site, and although the write-up was very positive, Google translate reveals that the comments devolved into a discussion of the merits of copying Stevie Ray Vaughan's style. Sigh...

King Of The Blues Retrospective

On Wednesday night, I participated in the district finals for Guitar Center King Of The Blues (video at the end of this post). I appreciate all the support, but I was not selected to advance to regional finals. I know…

Emulate The Man, Not Just The Music

This is one for you SRV fans. The guys and gals that own every album, and who know more about his life than most people know about yours. Almost two years ago I posted my first video of my Blues…

Music That Moves You

How many times have you heard someone verbally tear apart a band or an artist that you respect? Maybe you've done it to someone else's hero. Sometimes these poor examples of objective critique come from jealous never-were's, or over-trained has-beens.…

Winning Losers

Competition is based on scarcity. If everyone could win, there would be no competition. But everyone can't win. So we compete. But what if there is no prize?  If there's no prize, then there's no competition right? We all simply…

Music As A Hobby

Did you ever notice how there seems to be a tremendous amount of gravity attached to the idea of playing music for a living? But is it because of the music, or because of the performing? Some people experience great…