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Jan 5th, 2012
This post was originally written on the blog.

For the next few weeks (probably two), starting Sunday, 1/8, I’m doing something that I’ve not done since StevieSnacks began over 4 years ago. I’m taking a break.

Practically this means:

  • No Facebook posting/commenting
  • No email, except customer support
  • Commenting is temporarily disabled on this site until I get back.

This has to be a real vacation which means I want the freedom to think about StevieSnacks as little as possible for a brief time. I’ve been thinking about it every day for 4 years, and I need a break.

Here’s why.

This past year was the busiest, most productive year yet. Here’s a recap:

  • 6 premium DVDs, (Albert, B.B., and Freddie)
  • 38 Free Lessons (previous high was 23)
  • Organized gear clinic and taught seminars at Tall City Blues Fest in Midland, TX
  • Rented a new office and moved all my gear

In the 4 years since StevieSnacks began, I have never taken an extended break when I didn’t have to. Sure, I’ve had PLENTY of late mornings, mid-day naps, and a fair amount of days where I didn’t work because I didn’t feel like it. But mostly…….I’ve worked…a lot. More importantly, I’ve thought about StevieSnacks, and often HAD to think about StevieSnacks every single day.

Why? Because I love this.

StevieSnacks isn’t successful because I’m a master planner, or great businessman. StevieSnacks is successful because I’m obsessed with the idea of teaching you what I’ve learned. If nobody bought anything, then I’d have no business. But if there were no lessons, there’d be nothing to buy.

I wake up almost every day with a driving passion to create the best lessons I can possibly make. To put what I’ve learned into a form other people can learn from.

But that passion burns like a hot flame, and given the opportunity, it will burn itself out after consuming all my energy. Once that happens, it’s really, really hard to come back. I’ve experience burnout in other areas of my life, and I won’t let that happen here.

After returning from Texas in early August, I sprinted through the end of December, finishing B.B.’s Influence and Freddie’s Influence. I didn’t even take the time to properly finish my new office.

As the end of the year approached, I could tell it was time for a break. Certain things were getting under my skin. Negative comments were starting to make me angry, and the polarized reaction to a few of my most recent free lessons made me even angrier.

I’ve seen my son Austin grow from a baby into a 3 year old boy. When he gets tired, he gets cranky and irrational. This doesn’t change as you get older, at least it hasn’t for me.

2011 was a joyride, but it exhausted me. So I’m stopping to catch my breath while I still have the energy to do so on my own terms.

I still have the passion, I still have plans. That’s why I’m taking a break now instead of waiting until they’re all burned up :-)

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