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StevieSnacks Is Moving To Texas Blues Alley

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Apr 1st, 2014

Hey folks,

By now you’ve probably seen the video announcing the StevieSnacks transition to Texas Blues Alley that’s going to happen in about two weeks, closer to the middle of April. I wanted to write a few notes about the transition to clarify a few things, and to help you prepare for the transition.

If you haven’t already watched the video, please watch it first so that you’ll understand the questions that I answer below.

Now, for some questions…

What is moving to Texas Blues Alley from StevieSnacks?

Everything. All the lessons, all the gear stuff, all the backing tracks. It’s all going to be there.

What Is Texas Blues Alley and how will it be different from StevieSnacks?

Texas Blues Alley will be a lot like StevieSnacks. My focus is not changing, it might get a bit wider, but the Texas Blues sound and the Stevie Ray Vaughn influence will always be at the heart of what I teach.

There will be more videos about gear, both demonstrations and lessons. I’ll be bringing a small site that I used to run called Old Tone Zone into the Texas Blues Alley fold.

This is mostly a change in branding. I have some fairly significant plans for Texas Blues Alley that I’ll be working on throughout the year. But for now the biggest change for you will be visiting Texas Blues Alley instead of StevieSnacks to find the same lessons that you’re used to watching.

How wide will your focus be?

The term Texas Blues in Texas Blues Alley reflects my core focus, but it is not a limit to what I’ll cover. I’ll cover any guitar player that I find inspiring.

Having said that, the site says “Texas Blues” so I pretty much have to include lessons on Johnny Winter, Billy Gibbons, etc..

What will happen to the StevieSnacks site?

I will keep the StevieSnacks site running for a brief period after Texas Blues Alley launches. It takes some time to get all of Internet pipes reconnected. When I’m sure that everything is connected properly, the StevieSnacks site will be shut down. When somebody lands on the StevieSnacks domain, they will automatically be redirected to Texas Blues Alley.

In addition, any internet links to pages within StevieSnacks should still work (to the best of my ability to re-route them). Those links will automatically be redirected to the correct page on TXBA.

What will happen to the premium lessons on StevieSnacks?

All of my premium lessons will be offered in their exact same format on Texas Blues Alley. They will not be rebranded, or changed in any way.

However the content on Texas Blues Alley is organized slightly differently. I will write more about this in a later post. But for now, all you need to know is that all of my lessons on Texas Blues Alley will be called Full Courses and they’ll be found in a section called The Woodshed

What will happen to the free lessons on StevieSnacks?

All current free lessons on StevieSnacks will be called Free Lesson Friday and they’ll be found inside the section called The Woodshed.

Should I wait to buy any lessons until after the transition happens?

You should do what works best for you. If you purchase lessons before the transition you’ll be buying them from StevieSnacks. If you purchase them after the transition you’ll be buying the same lessons from Texas Blues Alley. It makes no difference at all.

The only possible hiccup is that a download link from an order placed before the transition, will not automatically redirect after the transition, but we’ll be sending out new download links to anyone who ordered within a week of the transition. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter when you order and we’ll take care of you either way.

What will happen to my StevieSnacks account?

There are no accounts on the StevieSnacks website, however, the store is actually run on a separate system - that’s what you’re logging into when you order, not the StevieSnacks site directly.

The good news is that I’ll continue to use the same store after the transition, it will simply look like Texas Blues Alley after the switch. You will be able to login to the same account when ordering.

Do I need to sign up for a different email list?


When will new free lessons be published?

I expect to begin producing regular free lessons very soon after that transition happens.

Personal Note

Seeing the positive response to these plans is deeply rewarding. I’ve been dreaming of Texas Blues Alley for almost a year. Not just the website (which is great), but the idea of Texas Blues Alley. After it launches I’ll do my best to explain the meaning behind the name and the process I went through to choose it.

I am quite uncomfortable being misrepresented or misunderstood. Although StevieSnacks was a name that worked well at first, as the content grew beyond my original intent, the name began to feel less and less accurate.

I have spent countless hours dreaming up, prototyping, building and polishing Texas Blues Alley. As with anything I do, it represents my absolute best at this moment - both in terms of creativity and design.

I built it for you guys, I can’t wait to give you a tour. Stay tuned…

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