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The 20 Most-Watched Free Lessons On StevieSnacks In 2013

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Feb 7th, 2014
This post was originally written on the blog.

Of course I love every lesson on this site, but even I recognize that certain lessons are wildly more popular than others. Out of my entire catalog of over 150 free lessons, here are the 20 lessons that the most people watched during 2013. Enjoy :-)

10 Rules For Blues Soloing

5 Essential Blues Boxes: Overview Preview

Hendrix Style Blues Rhythm Lesson

Hendrix Chord Tricks

Improve Your Phrasing - Box 1

Jimmy Page Repeating Licks

Funky Hendrix Rhythm Tricks

SRV Multi-String “Trainwreck”” Bends”

Those Fast SRV Circular Licks

Hendrix Blues Bending Technique

Jimmy Page Blues Lick

4 Albert King Style Licks

Cool SRV Box 3 Lick

Fast SRV Lick Lesson

Monster SRV Slow Blues Lick

Hendrix Machine Gun Vamping - 1

The Scuttle Buttin’ Lick

Gravity Intro Lesson

10 Ways To Start A Blues Solo

That Joe Bonamassa Lick

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