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Welcome To Texas Blues Alley

After a year of planning, and five months of intense coding, I am very proud to welcome you to Texas Blues Alley.

StevieSnacks Is Moving To Texas Blues Alley

By now you’ve probably seen the video announcing the StevieSnacks transition to Texas Blues Alley that’s going to happen in about two weeks, closer to the middle of April. I wanted to write a few notes about the transition to…

The 20 Most-Watched Free Lessons On StevieSnacks In 2013

Of course I love every lesson on this site, but even I recognize that certain lessons are wildly more popular than others. Out of my entire catalog of over 150 free lessons, here are the 20 lessons that the most…

My Big NAMM 2014 Trip Recap

This was my third trip to the big show, and it did not disappoint. I saw plenty of cool stuff and met with people I never see outside of these shows. First the gear, then the people. This is just…

Where My Head Is At

As 2013 comes to a close, I wanted to share something with all of you that I think about often. It matters to me that you know exactly where my head is. The success of this site outgrew my comfort…

Presenting “Slight Return” - In The Style of SRV’s Voodoo Child (slight return)

I am extremely proud to announce the release of my final lessons for 2013, and the last set of lessons in the SRV Style Solo Matrix - Slight Return. As the name suggests, these lessons were create to teach you…

Presenting “Fly On” - In The Style Of SRV’s Little Wing

It gives me great pleasure to introduce a new set of lessons into the SRV Style Solo Matrix entitled Fly On. You all know that SRV's cover of Little Wing is an anthem that has been studied by guitar players…

StevieSnacks Turns 6 - An Interactive Timeline

I don't often look back at what has unfolded over the past 6 years. I think about it, but I don't study it. But today is the sixth anniversary of my first YouTube video, and I wanted to create something…

‘Shooting Cold’ Solo Previews

On 9/30 the Shooting Cold lessons will be published as part of the SRV Style Solo Matrix.

The following three videos show off the solos that are taught in each of the lessons, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


Thoughts from the 2013 Nashville Amp & Gear Expo

Nashville is a guitar town and the perfect place for a gathering of amp, guitar and pedal builders. That's exactly what happened this past weekend at the 2013 Nashville Amp & Gear Expo. All but five of the eleven hotel…

Summer NAMM 2013 Report

Last week I spent a few days in Nashville for Summer NAMM. People have told me for years that Summer NAMM is a far less interesting show than Winter NAMM, so I wasn't expecting much. This year Summer NAMM was…

Solo Previews for Stranded

Last week I published the solo previews for the upcoming Whiskey, Win & Gin lessons (in the style of Tin Pan Alley). I've been releasing these Solo Matrix lessons in pairs, and this time the "other" lesson is called Stranded

Solo Previews for Whiskey, Wine & Gin

We (myself and my Editing Ninjaô Kevin) are hard at work finishing the next set of Solo Matrix lessons: "Stranded" and "Whiskey, Wine & Gin". They are in the styles of "Crossfire" and "Tin Pan Alley" respectively. I know that…

Left Handed Guitar Players Will Love This

One of the signature elements of my lessons is the camera angle. The "over the shoulder" shot is far easier to translate than the "straight on" shot in my opinion. Over the years many of you have voiced your approval.

What Makes The 5 Essential Blues Boxes Different?

In 2008 I introduced a concept called The 5 Essential Blues Boxes. The popularity of that series exploded, and it is primarily responsible for putting StevieSnacks on the map. Since it was released, I've answered a ton of questions and…

StevieSnacks At Winter NAMM 2013

My trip to Winter NAMM was simply great. My focus for this trip was people, and in that regard it did not disappoint. I looked at, and tried, much less gear than my last time attending (2011) and that made…

Why I Play Zexcoil Pickups

I got my first set of boutique pickups over ten years ago, a set of Lindy Fralin Vintage Hots. When StevieSnacks began to gain popularity, I got the opportunity to play a few other sets of high-end pickups. These include…

StevieSnacks 2012 Year In Review

Whew. That is the only way to describe 2012. This has been an incredibly productive year. Some of you follow the site so closely that you could write this for me, but most of you probably don't have enough time…

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Rocks State College

Like some of you, I live in a town that's not so big, not so small, but just small enough that I miss plenty of great concerts. So when tickets for Kenny Wayne Shepherd went on sale at the local…

Why StevieSnacks Allowed Me To Quit My Job

Yesterday, August 1st, 2012, marked the 3 year anniversary of when StevieSnacks became my full-time job. Since October of 2007 it had been a hobby that grew into a business, consuming nearly all my spare time. On July 31st, 2009,…