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Apr 6th, 2015

What is TXBA Locals?

A subscription membership program that gives you access to all our courses online.

How much†does it cost?

We have one plan available right now, the "Nickel" plan. It costs $19.99 / month. There will be other plans with different features available in the future, but they are not ready yet. When they are released, you will be able to swtich plans if you like.

How is it different than buying courses?

When you buy courses, you download the material (or receive the DVDs), and you own the course forever. You watch them on your own computer or TV, but only the courses which you bought.

With the Locals program you don't actually buy or own any courses. You pay a monthly fee to access all our courses on our site. As long as your subscription is active you will have access to everything.

Can I access all the courses on TXBA?

Yes. Every Full Course and Mini-Course is available as long as your subscription is active. In addition, every new course that we put out while your subscription is active will immediately be available for you to view.

What's the differnce between having a TXBA Account and joining the TXBA Locals?

A TXBA Account is what you create before buying courses from the store, or before joining the Locals. This is what you use to sign-in before checking out.†You can have a free TXBA Account and buy courses from the store without being part of the TXBA Locals. You must also have a free TXBA Account before you can join the Locals.

Can I buy courses without joining the TXBA Locals?

Yes. Anyone can purchase courses whether they are a subscriber to TXBA Locals or not.

Are the free lessons still available to everyone?

Yes, Free Lesson Friday has always, and will always be free to watch.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, but your billing cycle will be 1 month long. So if you cancel partway through a billing cycle, the system cannot do a pro-rated refund. If you want to cancel, you'll get the best value by cancelling right before your subscription renews for the next month.

Is there a minimum committment?

You will be billed monthly, there are no contracts.

I already own some courses from TXBA, am I paying for them again by joining TXBA Locals?

Kind of, but not really. The courses you bought are yours. You own them. If TXBA disappeared tomorrow, you'd still own them. If you cancel your TXBA Locals subscription, you still own them, forever.

When you subscribe to the TXBA Locals program, you're not buying courses, you're paying for convenient online access to all our courses - but†you're not buying them to keep. In addition, you're paying for a better experience using the courses because we are able to offer features online that we cannot offer with downoadable courses.

What kind of computer do I need?

Any reasonably current computer with a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 10 or higher, or Safari will be fine.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

To watch the videos in HD you will need a broadband DSL or Cable connection download speeds of 5Mb/s or higher. However you can switch off HD to watch the videos in standard definition if you experience any playback problems. Dialup connections will not work.

What is the Pro Player?

The Pro Player is how members of TXBA Locals watch courses online. When you are ready to watch a course, you simply find it on the site, launch the†Pro Player, and you'll see all the materials for that course together in a single window.†

You can select any of the materials from the course and view them in this same window. The Pro Player plays videos and mp3s, and display our interactive tablature.†

The Pro Player has some great learning tools like video/audio looping, and chapter markers for easy navigation within lessons.

Can I use the Pro Player on my iPad or Tablet?

Yes. The Pro Player does not use any Flash, so it should work on any modern tablet with a good browser.

Do i need multiple subscriptions to use all my devices?

No, you can login to your TXBA Locals account from whatever devices you own.

Can I use the Pro Player on my smartphone?

You can play any of the videos, mp3s, or tablature on your smartphone, but features like looping and chapters will not work because most smartphones force video and audio to play fullscreen, preventing access to these controls.

How do I sign up?

Here: Join The Locals

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