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Announcing TXBA Locals - Let Us Work For You

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Apr 7th, 2015

Two years ago when I began dreaming up Texas Blues Alley, part of that dream was to have a site where people like me could really "belong". It's taken me until now to make that possible.†

The title for this video is "Let Us Work For You" and I really mean that. The TXBA Locals program is a membership program that gives you access to everything we have, all online, for $19.99/month.

On the surface, it's just another subscription program, lots of sites have them.†But to me, it's much more than that because it signifies a shift in who I'm working for. The strength of StevieSnacks, and the strength of TXBA has always been fanatically loyal customers, but my business model always forced me to think about "who's next".†

TXBA Locals allows me to work directly for the people who value the site the most. I can't really say anthing more, it's all in the video below, but if you have questions after watching, there's an FAQ here.

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