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Dream Catcher: Rock n’ Roll Dreamer

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Feb 2nd, 2015
Dream Catcher: Rock n’ Roll Dreamer

Riff is an online journal published by TrueFire. It features articles on a variety of guitar-related subjects, including profiles of the teachers and players they hire to create courses for them. I've done two courses for them in the past, 50 Slow Blues Licks and 50 Monster SRV Licks.

They wrote a fabulous profile about me in the latest issue - so well written in fact that by†the end I was thinking†"I need to meet that guy!". †All kidding aside,†it is a very well written article and I think they definitely captured an accurate picture of what my life was like moving from a career as a programmer to a career as a... well whatever it is that I do now.

View the article here...

Read the entire issue here...

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