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Dec 31st, 2013
This post was originally written on the blog.

As 2013 comes to a close, I wanted to share something with all of you that I think about often.

It matters to me that you know exactly where my head is. The success of this site outgrew my comfort zone long ago. I cannot explain it, rationalize it, or justify it.

I want you to know that my primary motivation is not new gear, money, or growing my minor internet fame. Those things are just side-effects of what really matters. What I care about is being a good steward of this impossibly perfect situation.

I intend to do the absolute best that I can possibly do. To make the most ridiculously good, and insanely helpful lessons that anyone could possibly make with these resources. To build a collection of lessons that can change how people experience the guitar for years to come. For as long as you support me with your eyeballs and your dollars, that is what I intend to do. To continue improving, to continue creating, to continue teaching until I have nothing left to teach.

As my high school basketball coach would say, I intend to leave it all on the court.

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