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Aug 18th, 2016

Here's the recording of the Facebook Live chat from 8/17/16. A list of questions answered is below the video.


  • Curt Sassak If you had to pick one amp as your all purpose blues amp for gigging, what would it be?? I'm talking for bars and small clubs
  • Brian Salcido best way to balance gain and volume settings on an amp on the clean channel? for home practicing.
  • Stuart Hazlewood How do you get out of a rut ... just playing the same old things year after year?
  • Ryan Wright Love the lessons!! Now that you have the studio, any chance we'll be seeing more of the Vibroverb? I just found one myself, and love it but MAN is it loud!!
  • Ahmed Waheed is it possible to get a decent Fender style sound out of a cheap modeling amp specially Line 6 spider IV ?
  • Stian Sylta Hey from Norway Anthony. How do you feel about the boss bassman/twin reverb pedals together with a blues Jr?
  • Scott MacDougal what kind of pickup are in your guitar your holding?
  • Ruben Kingman Have you heard of Philip Sayce? If not I suggest you check him out as soon as possible!
  • Ric Segelow Thank you very much for your time here......we all appreciate it very much. I would love to do a Texas Guitar tour to your Alley. ????
  • Anders Sjögren Hey Anthony! Question from Sweden. Do you ever play Gibson guitars? If yes, which ones do you like most and why? If not, why not? Cheers!
  • Jeffrey Attakorah When do you use major pentatonic over a minor pentatonic in a blues?
  • Mark Preben Hey Anthony! Just a quick question from Denmark - have you ever tried the Orange Crush amps? If so, do you like them? Why/why not?
  • Björn Heiðar Jónsson It seems like you have had questions from all the scandinavian countries so far, except mine. So here´s a statement from Iceland: The yamaha THR10c does a great job of emulating a fender deluxe amp!
  • Ric Segelow Im going to North America next June..........can we create a guitar camp......for a week to 10 days for under 2k$......?
  • Ryan Hamilton What kind of scales or approach does SRV use on songs like rivieras paradise?
  • Justin Massey Where do you think SRV would be musically, had he survived?
  • Ryan Wright Did you have a chance to see the traveling SRV exhibit at the Grammy Museum? They have Number One (along with a TON of Stevie's personal gear). It's currently in Cleveland Mississippi, and well worth the trip to go see. I made the trip myself, and it was incredible!! It should be there until October I believe...
  • Dario Giugliano Hi Anthony, will you ever make an "ain't gonna give up on love" style series? Greetings from Rome, italy
  • Thomas Mc Gonnell When you first decided to pick up guitar did you start with the electric or acoustic? I recall hearing you say you don't play acoustic much. But I'm wondering if you started on one.
  • Craig Hornsby Being from the UK I highly recommend a Blackstar for multiple tonal sounds. Currently using an artist series and can do a very good Fender amp sound, but is versatile to do many genres. Keep up the good work.
  • João André Whats your opinion on John Mayer?
  • Benjamin Tharin Was there anything in your musical career that you regret doing / not doing as a seasoned musician now ?
  • Pedro Barreto Gamboa Do you think guitarists are likely to begin using profiling amps and software when performing LIVE or you feel tube amps or even solid state amps are gonna stay for a bit longer? I never was a gigging musician. I have done some performances and always used real amps, but the sound of some software is just so good. What's your take on this?...See More
  • Dario Giugliano Hi Anthony, will you ever make an "aint gonna give up on love" style series? I think that would be very much appreciated. Greetings from Rome, Italy
  • Jeffrey Attakorah I have been thinking about upgrading my fender American special strat to zexcoil, I wish I could pay a visit to place, do you think they will let me?
  • Ris Pak What do you think about Dead and Co.?
  • Buster Evans Have you ever heard Tab Benoit play?
  • Jeffrey Attakorah Best Clapton, John Mayer and B. B. King album?
  • Christian Joseph What are you thoughts on poly vs. nitro finished guitars?
  • Wolf Moses Your way of teaching is easy to follow and understand, the best I have seen. Do you have any plans on expanding into other genres? maybe bringing in other guitarists with different expertise and creating maybe jazz or rock or fingerstyle lessons in the TBA style?
  • Justin Massey Carbon fiber guitars are becoming increasingly popular. What is your opinion on them?
  • Jeffrey Attakorah How do you move from the cover band style to writing your own stuff? Blues wise? Cause it seems like all the good blues songs have been written lol
  • Zach Graves Vintage or modern??
  • Ruben Kingman What gear are you into at the moment?
  • Zach Graves I second the "ain't gone and give up on love" as well as a "change it" lesson
  • Chinedu Ogbodo Any tips on keeping a band together? Also have you ever had to kick anyone out of a band?
  • Craig Tinning Where to start learning Texas Flood (intermediate player): TXBA mini-course or Texan Floods matrix lessons?
  • Enis Süleymanoğlu Can u play pink floyd comfortably numb solo
  • Benjamin Tharin Have you ever been to the point where you were afraid that turning this into a fulltimejob would take away the joy from actually playing the guitar ?
  • Scott MacDougal what model strat is the one your holding?
  • Ric Segelow Goodnight from Saudi Arabia.........its late so......till tomorrow!
  • Josh Siegel How and where do you recommend getting gigs with a blues band
  • Jeffrey Attakorah It's hard for me to learn and remember licks when I learn them, how do I retain and actually use them during solos?
  • Nuno Andrade I see a lot of blues bands trying to write new stuff, none sounds deep enough in term of feeling. That's why so many play the classics. do you agree?
  • Donny Charlebois Have you ever played through a Boogie Lonestar? Amazing amp that would probably sound great with this style of music.
  • Joe Seher How do i go about finding people my agw that feels blues like we do? The music now is pushing kids my age from the blues. Im 17
  • Dario Giugliano Lesson series on "somewhere" by Hendrix? That song is pure gold, maybe one of the best Hendrix blues
  • Chinedu Ogbodo Have you played through any Two Rock Amps?
  • Jeffrey Attakorah Do you need more mids or less mids for srv style tones?
  • Scott MacDougal do you have a course that just covers the chords that stevie used
  • Nuno Andrade trade mark....we all want to get an original guitar tone? how do you think it can be acomplished? it seems all is made already

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