Texas Flood Song Guide

If you want to learn Texas Flood, but you don’t know where to start, start here.

Texas Flood Song Guide


So… you want to learn Texas Flood, but you’re not quite able to just sit down and understand it. Where should you start?

When I travel to a new place for the first time, I prepare by studying the map. I learn to visualize the city to understand it from above before I have to navigate it from the streets.

The Texas Flood Song Guide will help you do the same: to visualize it and understand it before you try navigating through it note-by-note. This is a great place to start if you want to learn to play Texas Flood.

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Lesson Details

  • Lesson 1
    Lesson 1: Overview

    Lesson 1 is free, and it provides an introduction to Texas Flood - kind of a 10,000 foot view.

    • Song key, tuning
    • Song sections
    • Progressions for each section
    • General guidelines for what kinds of things to play
    • What not to play
    • Lesson Video
  • Lesson 2
    Lesson 2: Walkthrough

    In Lesson 2, I skim through the entire song, pointing out examples of what Stevie would play in each section. I'm not teaching specifically every note to play, I'm teaching you the kinds of notes to play.

    Why? Because I want to:

    • help you understand what you're hearing
    • help you know what kinds of things are "true" to his sound.
    • understand the most prominent themes he used while playing
    • Lesson Video
  • Lesson 3
    Lesson 3: Box Breakdown

    In Lesson 3, you'll see a Box Breakdown of the entire Texas Flood song.

    When you play your copy of Texas Flood in sync with the video, you'll see the box that Stevie was playing in light up on the fretboard in sync with the music.

    • Box Breakdown
  • Lesson 4
    Lesson 4: Extending

    Lesson 4 examines how Stevie managed to pull off 10 minute renditions of Texas Flood without sounding boring.

    I'll explain where those extra choruses happened, and the kinds of themes he consistently used to fill them.

    • Lesson Video
  • Lesson 5
    Lesson 5: Rhythm Ideas

    Lesson 5 is all about rhythm guitar. Rhythm guitar and Texas Flood? Sure.

    If you're ever at a blues jam, or if you're ever in a two-guitar band, you'll probably have to play rhythm for Texas Flood, or a song like it.

    So In this lesson I'll show you three different ideas for playing rhythm guitar that "fit" the style of Texas Flood, and don't get in the way of the lead player.

    • Lesson Video