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Interactive SoundSlice Tablature - Now With Video

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Nov 4th, 2016

SoundSlice is an interactive tablature player that we use in our own TXBA Pro Player for the TXBA Locals program.

When the TXBA Locals program debuted in 2015, SoundSlice was a relatively new technology with great support for audio, but less extensive support for video. While it worked fine on large screens, it didn't layout the video in a very nice way on small screens.

Since I wanted the TXBA Pro Player to work on any screen size, I made the decision to leave out video demonstrations from our SoundSlice tablature scores. So for the past 18 months, our members have had to use the SoundSlice player with audio demonstrations only.

But in that same time, the very smart folks at SoundSlice have made numerous improvements to the player, including better support for video on small screens.

I'm happy to say today that all of courses with SoundSlice tablature, now have a video demonstration option to accompany the tablature. The only exceptions are some older courses where the tablature was not created with accurate timing, and the demonstrations were not played with a metronome.

How does it work? Take a look at the video above to see it in action.

Not Good Enough?

If a video doesn't convince you, take it for a spin below. Here's the full tablature from Lesson 3 of our recent Mini-Course called Heavy Swing Blues Rhythms - Vol. 1.

Join Us

This is just another in the long list of features that TXBA Locals enjoy every day. Take a look at the program overview here and see the rest. We'd love to have you :-)

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