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Nov 9th, 2018
Update - thanks to everyone who took part. The video has been posted in the Stage / Performances section, but I'm posting it here for your convenience.

This year for Thanksgiving, we're going to try something new.

Instead of me doing some kind of course or performance, it's your turn. I'll provide the track, you record a video, and I'll create a compilation video using as many people as I can. Sound good? Details are in the video (links to backing track and courses are below the video).

Backing Track

You can download the backing track by clicking here.


If you need help knowing what to play along with this track, I've got two courses that can help.

Submit Your Video

After you've recorded your video, upload it to YouTube, and mark it as "Unlisted". Be sure not to set it to "Private" because then I won't be able to use it.

After you've uploaded it to YouTube, submit your video link on the Thanksgiving Ballad Community Jam Page.

Performances & Free Lessons

Here's a list of all the performances and free lessons relating to this song that I've done over the years.

I can't wait to see what you guys/gals come up with.

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