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Sep 17th, 2018

Over the past few months I've been focusing on a style of blues called Texas Shuffle, with Pride And Joy as the focus. During that time I produced a series of courses and free lessons all based on that Texas Shuffle theme.

Some of you have been away for the summer, and are just getting back to your guitar playing. So if you missed out on what we've been doing at TXBA, here's a tidy recap of everything you missed.

The Rhythm Course

Each themed course cycle starts with a rhythm course, so that's how we kicked things off.

Texas Shuffle Rhythms - Vol. 1

The Performance

The next two courses in this cycle are both based on the same performance. I recorded a 12-chorus long performance in the style of Pride And Joy. It includes some of the rhythm concepts taught in the first course, and plenty of soloing.

The Quick Fix Course

The next step in a course cycle is to create a Quick Fix course from the performance.

Texas Shuffle Quick Fix #1

The Breakdown Course

The last part of each cycle is a full Breakdown course where I teach the entire performance note-for-note. This is the course most people want, but since it takes longer than the Quick Fix, it's more expensive. But, you get all the note-for-note teaching that's left out of the Quick Fix course, so it's a much better option for players who really need the individual notes called out.

Texas Shuffle Breakdown #1

Free Lessons

Of course there were some free lessons during this cycle too. Here's a list of those with links to the individual lesson pages.

Whew.... I think we've done about as much of this style of blues as I can handle for now, and I can (emphatically) check "Pride And Joy" off my list of topics to teach on.

I sincerely hope that these courses and free lessons help you to get "that" sound, and help you feel more confident when playing this style. And if a few of these licks make it into your solo at a blues jam, make sure you catch it on video and send it to me so I can pat myself on the back ;-)

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