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The Return Of The Solo Matrix - Tell Me

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Jul 31st, 2023

A decade ago I completed a collection of Stevie Ray Vaughan soloing courses called the SRV Style Solo Matrix. It was (and still is) the largest collection of SRV focused soloing courses in the world.

The Return Of The Solo Matrix - Tell Me

Over the past few months, I've been producing a series of backing tracks for SRV songs, which you can get for free by joining our email newsletter. As I've worked on these tracks, a question lingered in my mind.

"Why did I ever stop building the Solo Matrix?"

After completing the Solo Matrix, I began transitioning from StevieSnacks to Texas Blues Alley. When I launched Texas Blues Alley 5 months later, my first goal was to diversify my catalog of courses to include other artists and topics.

Here's a look at what I've done since 2013:

So..... I've been busy.

But recently, I've gotten the itch to teach more SRV courses. So after a decade of being "done" with the Solo Matrix, I think it's time to expand that collection again.

First up is the song Tell Me. I've pored over every recording of that song I could find, identifying the themes and combining the best licks from each.

Here's a preview of the Advanced level solo. It still needs some polish and refinement, but it's coming together nicely. (The Intermediate and Beginner solos will be drastically simpler but still follow the same basic flow).

Tell Me Advanced Solo Preview

Release Date

Update: due to kids going back to school and vacations , I am now hoping to have the Advanced solo course done by the end of August, and the others in the first few weeks of September).

As usual, TXBA Locals will get access to these courses automatically as soon as they're done, but if you're unable to join the Locals for technological or travel reasons, we do have a top secret email list where people can get notified when new courses are available for sale.

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