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May 4th, 2023

If you've ever purchased a course from me, or if you're a member of the TXBA Locals, you can now download free progress tracking documents for any of my soloing and rhythm courses.

This has been a missing piece of my teaching for a long time, and it finally dawned on me that without some provided way to track their progress, my customers and members would be left to make up something on their own, or (gasp) try to remember it all in their head.

So I spent about a week this spring creating a standardized format for all my soloing and rhythm courses that allows you to check-off each lick and rhythm as you learn it, and write down the date.

Here's a video explaining them, and information about how to get them is below.

How to Use Them

As shown in the above video, you can print these out and fill them out by hand if you wish, but you can also fill them out on your computer using any kind of PDF editing software. Just make sure you save them after checking off the boxes or your changes won't be saved into the PDF.

How To Get Them

I've put all the progress trackers over in TXBA Headquarters (the place for information and support). The button below will take you to the page where they're listed.

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