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Introducing “Mixing Blues Rhythm & Lead, Volume 1”

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Dec 13th, 2021

The undisputed theme of 2021 here at Texas Blues Alley has been "Mixing Blues Rhythm & Lead", and almost all the work I ddi this year has gone into making this course possible. Maybe I'll document the process sometime, but the course is almost finished and this overview video will explain everything about it, and how to get it.

How Do I Get The Course?

If you skipped the video to get to this part, shame on you. Please watch at least the first 5 minutes of the video and I'll explain.

Once you've done that, read on...

Join The Locals

TXBA is primarily a membership site, and the TXBA Locals program is the only way to get our courses MOST of the year. All my work goes into making the Locals program better and that is why I prioritize it.

Can I Buy The Course?

Technically yes, but as I said in the video, I'd rather you not. If I had my way, everyone would join the Locals so I could focus on just that. BUT.... I have customers who cannot join the Locals for various reasons, so I maintain a top secret email list just for those customers. Whenever a new course comes out I will make it available for purchase (along with selected other courses from our catalog) for a limited time.

This list is technically only for people who have no other choice except to buy courses, but there's no way for me to prevent anyone else from signing up.

I'm not going to pretend to be neutral. The Locals is a far better experience, and the downloads (while identical in content), are an inferior product in my opinion because I cannot offer the same features for studying that I do online for the Locals members.

So if you have to buy courses for technical reasons, or you simply won't join a membership of any kind, get on the secret purchase list ASAP and await instructions.

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