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Pro Player 7.6 Features: Vidami Support, Adjustable Pitch Shifting

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Mar 2nd, 2022

Pro Player 7.6 (currently in beta testing) will bring some new features and improvements that make studying easier and faster.

  1. Vidami Pedal Integration
  2. Adjustable (+5, -5 semitones) pitch shifting for Course videos that works in almost every browser and even on iOS devices.
  3. Better loop display while looping.
  4. Download nicely formatted PDFs of SoundSlice tablature scores.
  5. Hide videos imported from YouTube that you no longer want to see listed in your "Mine" category.

Here's a video showing off some of the bigger features, and a complete demo of the Vidami integration. Locals who wish to start testing these features can activate the new version on their Membership Page using the "Pro Player Version" setting at the bottom of the page.

In the coming week I'll be announcing a giveaway to promote the Vidami Pedal integration, so keep an eye out for an email announcing that.

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