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Introducing TXBA Power Lines Medium and Light String Sets

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Dec 2nd, 2022

Several years ago I ordered 250 sets of custom heavy gauge nickel wound guitar strings to sell at TXBA. My primary motivation was simply to have the exact string gauges that felt right to me.

Introducing TXBA Power Lines Medium and Light String Sets

At the time I was just happy to have a supply of strings that would last me for years. To my surprise, that initial order sold out within 6 months. So I ordered more.

Then people started asking about lighter strings, and I ignored them for a while, but eventually I bought more guitars and realized I was just as picky about string gauges in lighter sets as I was in heavy sets.

So I bought a bunch of different string sets and experimented with a different combinations until I settled in two sets that felt “right”.

Today I’m happy to announce that the TXBA string line now includes a Light and Medium set.

Light is for when you want effortless playing and bending, and Medium is for when you want to fight a bit, but in Standard tuning.

Anyone can buy them (single sets or 12 packs) but my TXBA Locals members get these strings at my cost, about $2.80 per set.

These aren’t fancy strings. I go through strings way too fast and I’ve got way too many guitars to make expensive coated strings worthwhile. These are just great sounding, bright, punchy strings, sold at a reasonable price for most people and a great price for Locals, in gauges I personally like.

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