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The Story Behind My First Johnny Winter Course

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Dec 22nd, 2022

This video is for life long Johnny Winter fans, the people who think he gets overlooked by me, and other guitar instructors. I agree with you, and I'm trying to make it right. This is the story about how I went years (decades even) listening to him, but eventually realized I needed to study his playing directly. The term "Texas Blues" isn't just a fancy name for my site, it means something to me. And for that reason, Johnny needs to be part of the conversation. He career included many styles of music, and a fair amount of experimentation, but at the end of the day he was a blues guitar slinger from Texas. And he deserves more attention from us who claim to love that style. Consider this my attempt to help make that happen.

Learn To Play Like Johnny Winter

If you want to learn to play like Johnny Winter, I only have one course at the moment, but it's a great one.

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