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Learn 150+ Blues Licks All Over Again, This Time With Feeling.

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Dec 11th, 2019
Learn 150+ Blues Licks All Over Again, This Time With Feeling.

Eleven years ago I published a course called 5 Boxes Essential Licks which I advertised with a simple, but very direct slogan: "Learn 150+ Blues Licks".

That course has been a best-selling course for the past 10 years, and is among the most-favorited courses with our TXBA Locals Members.

In the decade since that course was released, I've authored more than 50 additional courses and have dramatically improved every aspect of my course production process. Over time, that course began to look more and more..... old.

Time To Upgrade

Several months ago I decided it was time to use everything I've learned and improved over the past eleven years, and breath new life into this popular, but very old course. I shot new lick demonstrations, updated all the tablature, and created 12 new backing tracks.

That work is finally done, so I can finally announce the release of...

5 Boxes Essential Licks 2nd Edition

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We will be discontinuing the sale of all courses on Dec. 31st, 2019 and starting on Jan. 1st 2020, joining the Locals will be the only way to access our courses. However, if you want to buy this course, you can do it before then. Any courses you purchase before that date will remain accessible on your "My Courses" page under your TXBA Account to download, or to watch online with basic Pro Player features.

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