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Stop Telling Other Teachers About My Secret Camera Angle

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Feb 6th, 2023

I've been using the "Player's Perspective" angle for pretty much the entire 15 years that I've been doing lessons online. In this video I'll explain how I came up with it and how to get the correct tilt and rotation. Most teachers probably shouldn't use this angle (and I'll explain why), but if someone DOES decide to use it, this video will show how to get the correct tilt and rotation.

Since publishing this video, a few people have commented with examples of other teachers who began using similar angles around the same time, and even one example from a DVD in 2005! In science, this kind of thing is called Multiple Discovery or Simultaneous Invention, where more than one person discovers or invents something around the same time without even being aware of the other person's work.

I hope you enjoyed this look at how I began using this angle and how I setup everything to capture it.

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