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Wampler Plexi-Drive


Wampler Plexi-Drive

This pedal is super useful if you occasionally want the sound of a Marshall amp, but you don’t want to use a Marshall as your primary amp. This is part of Wampler’s “Amp-in-a-box” collection. The pedal works best in front of a mostly clean amp. It’s a very smooth sounding pedal which compliments a Fender amp nicely.

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  • You like the Marshall sound, but not having another amp


  • Get a Marshall sound from a Fender Amp
  • Quiet, even on maximum gain
  • Tone control is voiced high enough to be pleasant, not harsh
  • Bass switch helps to compensate for different guitar/amps.
  • Usable at all gain levels


  • Getting a Hendrix-inspired clean tone with low gain, and some high-end shimmer
  • Thick ZZ Top style lead and rhythm tones

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