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JHS Pedals Double Barrel


JHS Pedals Double Barrel

The Double Barrel combines the JHS Morning Glory, an improved Marshall Bluesbreaker style pedal, with the JHS-808, an improved Tubescreamer style pedal. The combination of these circuits is a great idea as they compliment each other well. The two different circuits are stackable AND can be reversed.

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Buying Advice

  • You aren't interested in heavy levels of distortion for metal, etc...
  • You want a transparent OD paired with a screamer-style OD.


  • Individually great OD circuits
  • Stackable
  • Reversible
  • Tweaks for tone controls
  • Allows me two levels of boost


  • Morning Glory for first level of boost, mostly transparent, moderate gain.
  • JHS-808 for midrangey boost, less overdrive.
  • Stacked JHS-808 into Morning Glory.

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