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DC Pedal Board Yoke 5 True Bypass Loop Switcher


DC Pedal Board Yoke 5 True Bypass Loop Switcher

While many loop switchers cram in tons of features, the Yoke 5 offers simplicity. It is a straightforward true bypass loop switcher, easy to program and easy to understand. It has 5 loops which can be operated in 2 different modes. In “Manual” mode you switch the loops on and off using the 5 corresponding switches. In “Program” mode the switches act as presets.

Programming the presets couldn’t be easier. The LEDs are very bright and the contrasting colors make it easy to distinguish between “loops” and “presets”. Multiple Yoke 5 units can be connected, up to 5 units total.

The Yoke 5 is currently in pre-order status, so if you’re in the market for something like this… get on the list.

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If you need loop switching, but don't want a complicated unity with a bunch of other features, the Yoke 5 is a great choice.


  • Simple to program
  • True bypass
  • Expandable

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