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Visual Sound Angry Fuzz


Visual Sound Angry Fuzz

Most Octavia-style octave pedals are great for octave but that’s it. The Angry Fuzz is a different kind of fuzz/octave pedal. The fuzz and octave effects both sound great but what makes the Angry Fuzz unique is that the fuzz and octave are independent from each other. They can be mixed in various ratios for whatever effect you’re looking for. And the fuzz is usable at every level, quite unlike some classic fuzz pedals that only sound good with the Fuzz maxed out. I think Visual Sound hit a home run with this pedal.

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Buying Advice

  • You need both a fuzz and an octave pedal
  • You like to control the amount of fuzz and octave seperately


  • Great sounding fuzz at any level
  • Great sounding octave effect
  • Ability to mix the level of fuzz and octave effects
  • Buffered input


  • All fuzz - for thick, Hendrix-style lead tones
  • Some fuzz, lots of octave
  • No fuzz, just octave

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