TXBA Stickers 5-Pack


Individual TXBA Stickers come free with any DVD, TShirt, or mug, but if you're a TXBA superfan, we've made them available in packs of 5.

Who has time for cheap stickers that peel off? Not me, and hopefully not you either. These TXBA stickers are printed on high-quality, 6mil vinyl that is scratch, sunlight and water resistant. When affixed to a suitable surface and left alone for a few days, they will put up a fight if you try to remove them, possibly leaving residue behind. Make no mistake, these stickers are designed to stay where you put them.

At 6x2.5 inches, they are perfect for guitar cases, bumpers, windows, etc... My son decorated our kitchen with them, but this turned out to be a mistake because of how awesome the stickers are at not wanting to be removed.

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