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Introducing the SRV Style Solo Matrix

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May 9th, 2012
This post was originally written on the blog.

When I started StevieSnacks over 4 years ago, my singular goal was to teach people to play like Stevie Ray Vaughan. During that time, I've taught people how I view the fretboard, how I handle the guitar, and how to play like some of my favorite influences.

But I've actually done very little teaching directly on the soloing style of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

That's about to change.

Everything I play is shaped by what I learned in front of that TV in my dorm room over 15 years ago, watching Stevie on Saturday Night Live, or on stage at the El Mocambo.

So you could say that I have taught his style through the lessons I've produced. But not enough to suit me.

Here's a question, if you wanted to learn a song like Mary Had a Little Lamb, is there anything on StevieSnacks that could help you? Sure, you could learn about the 5 Essential Blue Boxes, but you'd be hard pressed to find anything in my lessons to help you learn licks from that song.

If you wanted to solo in the style of Cold Shot, Couldn't Stand The Weather, Little Wing, Tightrope, Pride And Joy, So Excited, or Tin Pan Alley, there would be very little here to help you.

It's time to do something about that.

Get Ready To Enter The Matrix

Today, I'm officially launching my most ambitious project yet. I call it The SRV Style Solo Matrix.

I'll be adding lessons to this matrix over the remainder of 2012 and possibly into 2013. When it is finished, you will find 3 lessons for every song style I cover. 

Beginners will find solos that are easy to tackle, but will challenge their memory. Intermediate players will find solos that challenge their dexterity and strength. Advanced players will find solos that challenge their timing, speed, and endurance.

My Goal? Simple.

I want to teach you how to solo in the style of SRV, using songs you love as templates, and provide you with a place to start, regardless of your experience level.

I'll write more about this project in the months ahead, but for now, beginners can get started with the first two lessons, released today.

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