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Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe


Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe

The Latitude Tremolo Deluxe from Wampler Pedals is aimed at guitarists who need precise control of a tremolo effect. The killer feature is the tap-tempo control. This allows you to sync it perfectly with the tempo of the song. Then there’s the beat division controls which allow you to multiply the speed of the tremolo, all relative to the base tempo that you tap. The waveform controls have a drastic effect on the overall sound of the effect, making it more choppy or more smooth.

Overall this is WAY more tremolo pedal than what I need. I’m not nearly creative enough to use all the features. But I absolutely love the tap tempo feature so I just set it for a traditional tremolo sound and tap away.

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Buying Advice

  • You want a tremolo with a ton of features and control
  • You need a tremolo that can be sync'd to a song tempo


  • Great control over all aspects of the tremolo effect.
  • Tap Tempo :-)
  • Very transparent sound
  • Level control alloww you to get a slight boost

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