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Fulltone PlimSoul


Fulltone PlimSoul

The Fulltone PlimSoul is an interesting overdrive and distortion pedal. It is a very low midrange boosting pedal which adds a ton of thickness to your tone for leads. It combines two kinds of distortion and allows you to mix them together. Because I get a decent amount of distortion from my amp, I don’t actually use the distortion of the pedal that much. Using it mainly as a thick boost. Overall the pedal sounds very pleasing…I just wish it were a bit brighter.

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Buying Advice

  • You want a thick, dark sounding boost or overdrive
  • You need lots of distortion for different kinds of music


  • Thick, low-midrange boosting
  • Quality distortion and overdrive


  • For providing a thick boost into another OD pedal or overdriven amp
  • As the main source of distortion for lead when using amps where I don't like the OD channel

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