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Avid Eleven Rack


Avid Eleven Rack

The Avid Eleven Rack is a great amp, pedal and speaker simulator that integrates nicely with Pro Tools. The simulation is very good and if you need a wide range of tones and quiet volume, the 11 rack can give you that. Your appreciation of it will depend on the quality of the speakers you’re using. One great feature is that the guitar input has something they call True-Z, which replicates the impedance a guitar would “see” if it were connected to the real-world effects/amp chain modeled in the Eleven Rack. Mine is a demo unit from Avid. It now comes bundled with Pro Tools which is a great value.

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  • You need a wide range of tones and don't want (or can't afford) all the amps you'd need for those tones.
  • You understand recording and the difference between recorded tone and live tone.


  • Huge number of amp / speaker combinations.
  • Pretty realistic modeling of clean/overdriven/distorted tones.

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