TXBA Locals

Locals Roadmap

Here's a roadmap of what we have planned for 2019. Items that have already been completed are marked.

(This roadmap reflects our current plans. These plans are subject to change, but we will keep this updated as those plans are finalized.)

Clapton's Influence Crossroad Blues

In Dec. 2018 we published our first Clapton soloing course, based on the song "Crossroads". Watch This Course.

Member Forums

In January we opened the first ever member forums at Texas Blues Alley, exclusively for TXBA Locals. Visit The Forums.

Clapton's Influence: Old Flame

In March we published our second Clapton soloing course, based on the song "Old Love". Watch This Course.

Pro Player v7.0

After 6 months of development, Pro Player V7 was released on May 13th. The new version of the Pro Player has many features an improvements, but here's a few of the highlights:

Pro Player 7.3

During the summer we added a number of big new features to the Pro Player, culminating in version 7.3 released in August.

  • Save YouTube videos into our Imported Videos Collection
  • Create and Save your own custom Instant Loops for any video (including Imported videos)
  • Massively improved content browser with multiple filters.
  • Browse and use Instant Loops created by other Locals members.

Coming Soon

5 Boxes Essential Licks - 2nd Edition

This all-time favorite course is being overhauled with better tablature, re-shot lick demonstrations, and all the modern formatting that our new courses get. Locals will automatically get access to this when completed.

Clapton's Influence (Layla)

This will be a soloing course based on Layla coming in early Fall 2019.

Clapton's Influence (Have You Ever Loved A Woman)

This will be a soloing course based on "Have You Ever Loved A Woman", coming in late Fall 2019.

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