Locals Roadmap

2019 is going to be a big year for the TXBA Locals Program. Here's a look at what's coming up over the next 12 months.

(This roadmap reflects our current plans. These plans are subject to change, but we will keep this updated as those plans are finalized.)

Already Completed In 2019

Clapton’s Influence: Crossroad Blues

Our first Clapton course arrived right at Christmas Eve 2018, with bonus material released in January. Clapton’s Influence: Crossroad Blues

Clapton’s Influence: Old Flame

Our second Clapton course arrived on April 14th. Clapton’s Influence: Old Flame

TXBA Locals Forums

In January we launched the first ever community forums at TXBA, just for members of the TXBA Locals. These forums are the best place to interact with Anthony and other members. Check Out The Forums

Pro Player V7

After 6 months of development, Pro Player V7 was released on May 13th. The new version of the Pro Player has many features an improvements, but here’s a few of the highlights:

Coming This Year

Summer 2019

Pro Player v7.1

There are two big features coming in this update (due out by the end of June):

Import/Favorite YouTube Videos

When YouTube import was added in version 7.0, members immediately began asking for a way to "save" a video to TXBA so they didn't have to import it every time. Well now, that feature is coming in version 7.1. You'll be able to add a YouTube video to a TXBA Library of imported videos and also add them to your favorites.

Create/Save Custom Loops

This feature is going to be hugely popular because Locals will now be able to create their own custom loops AND save them along with a video. This will work for any video in any course, as well as any imported YouTube videos.

Locals Community Livestreams

We'll be starting a monthly livestream for TXBA Locals where members can ask Anthony questions and chat with each other. The schedule for these will be posted in advance.

More Clapton Courses

There will be 2 more Clapton soloing courses coming before the end of Summer 2019. They will be focused on the following songs:

  • Have You Ever Loved A Woman
  • Layla

Fall 2019

New Influence Course

There will be at least one Influence course released in this time period.

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