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The Setlist Podcast #008 - Speed Course Updates, Rival Sons, Zexcoil

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Feb 16th, 2017
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An update about the upcoming speed courses, some new features for TXBA locals, a fascinating pickup dissection over at Zexcoil, and my new favorite band, Rival Sons.

How Does a Pickup Really Work?

Scott Lawing, the creator of Zexcoil pickups (which I've been using exclusively since 2013), has written a really fascinating article challenging conventional wisdom about how electric guitar pickups really work. It's nerdy, with charts and videos, but if you're intrigued by the science behind pickups, I think you'll enjoy it.

Read How Does a Pickup Really Work

Rival Sons

I've been listening to this band a lot over the past few weeks, and am struck by hard they rock. Here's a playlist at spotify with my favorite tracks from all their albums.

TXBA - Rival Sons Playlist

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