Nobody Likes Having To Download Courses, Now You Don’t Have To

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Jun 10th, 2018
Nobody Likes Having To Download Courses, Now You Don’t Have To
A preview of the new "My Courses" page.

Starting today, when you purchase a course from TXBA, you can watch it online using the TXBA Pro Player - forever.

You'll still have the ability to download your purchased courses, but now, any course you've purchased will be available for online viewing, from any computer or device you own, no downloading required.

In this post I'll explain why I'm making this change, and attempt to answer some questions you might have.

  • How is this different than what we have now?
  • Before today, you’d only have 30 days to watch a course online after you bought it. Then you’d have to download it and continue watching on your computer. Now, you don’t have to download it at all, you can just keep watching it online.
  • What if I still want to download a course I bought?
  • That’s not changing, you’ll still be able to download any course you own.
  • How Is This Better?
  • The Pro Player has some very cool features that make it easier to study the courses, and it’s more convenient because you can watch your purchased courses from any computer or device you own without having to download anything.
  • What if I’m a member of the TXBA Locals?
  • This change only affects courses you bought, it doesn’t change the Locals program at all (because you already have access to every course on TXBA.)
  • Will I have all the features of the Pro Player?
  • Almost. There are several features of the Pro Player that will only be available to members of the TXBA Locals.

TXBA Locals Comparison

And now, for a very important question: how is this different from The TXBA Locals Program? Here's a brief comparison.

  • Locals have access to every course. Customers have access to ONLY the courses they've paid for.
  • Locals will have the TXBA Browser built into the Pro Player, customers will not.
  • Locals will have the Comments, Q&A feature in the Pro Player, customers will not.
  • Locals will have access to the upcoming TXBA discussion forums, customers will not.

For those who enjoy a good comparison table, here's that same information in table form.

Watch Purchased Courses Online
Watch ALL TXBA Courses Online
Watch All TXBA Content In The Pro Player
Early Access To New Courses
Pro Player Features
Instant Loops
Video Zoom
SoundSlice Tablature
Favorites List
Viewing History
TXBA Content Browser
Comments, Q&A
Store Discount 30%


Here's a brief summary of how I got to this point.

Before 2015

Prior to 2015, the only way to get a course from TXBA was to buy it and then download it to your computer (or tablet).

TXBA Locals

Then I launched the TXBA Locals program, giving members the ability to watch any course they desired, online, using a tool called the TXBA Pro Player.

Many potential customers chose to join the TXBA Locals, and that program accounts for about 75% of my revenue from TXBA. But there's still a significant amount of people who prefer to buy courses individually (rather than pay a subscription fee for access to EVERY course).

TXBA Locals loved the convenience of the Pro Player, and I knew that many of my customers would love to start watching a course immediately after purchase (without having to wait for the downloads to complete).

30 Day Access

So I started offering customers limited (30 day) access to the Pro Player after every purchase. They had 30 days to watch the course(s) online, but after that they'd have to just use the downloaded videos and materials.

Over time, more customers began to express frustration at the idea of having to download their courses at all. Why? Because they'd gotten used to the online viewing and didn't like the idea of having to do more work (downloading) just to keep watching the course.


It was a friendly email from a very smart customer who helped me realize that I was missing a big opportunity. By making it possible for customers to watch their purchased courses online (and not just for 30 days), I'd have more customers spending more time learning from the courses they bought, which would eventually lead to more sales.

Now What?

If you already own some courses, you can start watching them now by heading over to your My Courses page.

If you don't own any courses yet, here's a few of our most popular courses to get you started. If you need help understanding what to start with take a look at the courses guide

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