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Nov 7th, 2009
This post was originally written on the blog.

Many of you probably already know of Robert Renman of  He’s a gifted guitarist who’s been making free guitar lessons and gear videos since about April of 2006.  He’s amassed quite a following, both on YouTube and on his site, and for good reason. He’s a great guitar player, and teacher, and seems to be a very nice guy as well.

Robert and I have a few things in common, like guitar playing, teaching and web design. We’ve corresponded on several occasions about certain aspects of video production, etc…

Anywho, Robert has posted what I think is his first premium lesson teaching a 12-bar blues solo, available as a download or on a DVD. I wanted to direct any interested viewers to his site to check it out because I think the world needs more lessons from Robert, and if enough people buy it, hopefully he’ll continue to put out longer premium lessons in the future. :-)

If you’re new to his site, he’s got a ton of free lessons for you to check out so you can evaluate if you like his style, and make an informed decision about purchasing this lesson. And I’m sure he’d be glad to answer any questions you have before purchasing.