Changes for TXBA Customers: Watch Your Courses Online Using The Pro Player

Jul 6th, 2015

Today we've got 3 announcements for those of you who own TXBA Courses. The following video explains it all (a summary is below the video as well).

What's Changing

Customer can now view their purchased courses online using the same Pro Player that TXBA Locals use.

Does This Apply To You?

Announcement #1

Did you buy any courses in the past year?

Announcement #2

Will you buy any courses in the future?

Announcement #3

Have you purchased a lot of courses?

The Legacy Plan

How To View Your Courses Online

To view your courses online during this 2 Week promotional period, sign into your account, and look for the new My Courses page. That page will list any courses you've purchased since we launched the store last year (on 7/25/14). Click the "Watch" button under the course name and the Pro Player will open right in your browser.

When you're done watching, just look for the "Exit" button at the top right of the Pro Player and you'll be taken back to the My Courses page.


I'm sure some of you will have questions, so I'll address a few here. If you have others, you can ask in the comments, or contact support.

Comments & Questions