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Planet Waves Auto Trim Tuning Machines


Planet Waves Auto Trim Tuning Machines

I’m not a fan of changing strings. It takes too long, I usually prick my fingers after I cut off the excess strings, and if I’ve forgotten my tools, it ends up being a lot of winding.

That’s why I’m a fan of these tuning machines. Loosen the machine, pull the string through, lock it down and tune. The string gets chopped off automatically as the peg turns. Because there’s no creasing of the strings, they’re faster to remove the next time you’re changing strings. The entire operation is so much faster.

Be sure to check the diameter of the cylinders and make sure they’re going to fit into your headstock. In my case, the holes in my SRV strat were too small and had to be drilled out before I could install the new tuning machines.

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Buying Advice

  • You want more tuning accuracy and stability
  • You want to change strings faster, without having to trim strings.


  • Higher tuning ratio than vintage tuning machines
  • Auto trims the strings


  • Installed in my SRV Strat.

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