Picking Blues Guitar Technique

A detailed look at the importance of picking technique and lots of exercises to help you improve your accuracy.



Picking isn’t exciting. It’s not very noticeable, and you don’t even have to study it to become a good player. Someday, however, you will try to learn something that will remain out of reach unless you improve your picking technique.

How do I know? Because it happened to me. After a decade of playing, I finally ran into a wall that forced me to work on my picking technique. Picking is a 90-minute lesson that shows you what I had to learn to get past that wall. Don’t worry; I’m not trying to turn you into a shredder or finger-picking expert. This lesson is very down-to-earth, practical, and easily applied.

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Lesson Details

  • Part 1
    Part 1: Introduction

    At the start of this lesson I'll explain why picking is such an important part of your overall technique, and how I learned that the hard way.

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  • Part 2
    Part 2: Picking Styles

    In this section I'll give you a very practical introduction to several different styles of picking.

    For each style, I'll give guidelines for what each style is most useful for, and you'll see closeup shots of each style in use.

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  • Part 3
    Part 3: Picking Ingredients

    In this section we'll explore different ingredients in your picking technique that all play a part in your sound.

    • Holding the pick
    • Wrist angle
    • Where to pick
    • The other fingers
    • Picking Motion
    • Hammer-ons / Pull-offs
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  • Part 4
    Part 4: Key Points

    In this section we'll look at a few key aspects of picking that determine at how good your technique will be.

    • Accuracy
    • Speed / Endurance
    • Timing
    • Synchronization
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  • Part 5
    Part 5: Exercises

    In the last section I'll go through 18 different exercises that force you to work on your picking accuracy, timing, and synchronization with your fretting hand.

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    • Exercises