B.B.‘s Influence: Slow Blues In The Style of B.B. King

Learn to solo like B.B. King in a slow blues song like Sweet Little Angel, Sweet Sixteen, or How Blues Can You Get.

B.B.‘s Influence: Slow Blues


This course will teach you a 60-bar slow blues solo in the style of songs like Sweet Little Angel and Sweet Sixteen.

B.B. King’s playing is approachable and universally loved. Yet, many aspiring blues guitarists get stuck inside those minor boxes, hacking away at the minor pentatonic scale in every blues song they play.

Mixing major and minor is not a secret, but it’s time to start learning how if you’re not doing it already. B.B.’s Influence takes you on that journey, using the style of B.B. King as your guide.

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  • The Solo

    This is the exact solo that you’ll learn in this course.

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