The Sky Is Crying Gear Demo


Nov 21st, 2009

A cover of 'The Sky Is Crying' as recorded by Stevie Ray Vaughan.

For this demo, I'm using a Kenny Wayne Shepherd signature strat, through a Boss GE-7, Creation Audio Labs MK.4.23 clean boost, into a Samamp VAC 23 amp. The MK.4.23 was used throughout the song, the GE-7 was engaged before the solo and remained on for the rest of the song.


I used a Shure SM-57 instrument microphone placed near the outside edge of the speaker, aimed inward and very close to the grill. The vocals were recorded with a Rode NT1000 condenser microhpone. The backing track was downloaded from and imported into Soundtrack Pro where it was mixed with the audio tracks from the vocals and guitar. The vocals had compression/EQ/Reverb and some delay added. The guitar track had minimal eq plus some delay added. The final mix was mastered with the Waves L3 Ultra-maximizer plugin. The mix was exported back to Final Cut Pro where the final video was exported and compressed.