Zexcoil Underwound Set


Zexcoil Underwound Set

This set of pickups is extremely articulate and chimey. It has the same signature “bite” of other Zexcoil pickups, but has noticeably more “glass” in the tone. I installed these into my Grosh Retro Classic, which is a very articulate guitar to begin with.

Previously I had the Zexcoil Texas Blues set in there, which are slightly overwound. The Underwound pickups really match this guitar well. There’s not a whole lot of midrange to speak of, but a crazy amount of articulation and clarity.

  • Likes

    • Extremely clear transparent tone.
    • Brilliant high-end.
    • Dead quiet (as all Zexcoil pickups are).

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These pickups are perfect for someone who wants a more scooped, less aggressive Strat tone. Fans of John Mayer would probably love these.