The Setlist

The record of everything that happens around Texas Blues Alley.


  • The Top 20 Videos From TXBA in 2016

    I combed through the stats for all the videos that were published during 2016 to find out which videos got the most people watching this year. So here they are, in descending order, the top 20 most-watched videos from TXBA…

  • Interactive SoundSlice Tablature - Now With Video

    The TXBA Locals program launched in April 2015, and one of the major features the program offered was interactive tablature, powered by SoundSlice. In the months leading up to the launch date, I had to setup all these tablature scores…


The Setlist Podcast #008 - Speed Course…

An update about the upcoming speed courses, some new features for TXBA locals, a fascinating pickup dissection over at Zexcoil, and my new favorite band, Rival Sons.

The Setlist #007: How Good Could YOU Be?

In this episode of The Setlist Podcast, I'll talk about the recent studio tour, Facebook Livestreaming, and a gentle rant about comparing yourself to others.