Texas Flood Album Box Breakdowns

Train your ears to know where Stevie was playing at every point in every song from the Texas Flood Album.

About This Course

It’s one thing to learn how to play a lick. But learning to ìhearî exactly where that lick is played - that’s an entirely different thing.

Box Breakdown videos train your ears by showing you what shape or pattern is being used as you listen to the corresponding song. You’ll develop an association between what you hear and where that thing is played on the fretboard.

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  • Sync Instructions

    This video will show you how to get the song and video in sync.

    • Lesson Video
  • Box Guide

    This video will explain all the different shapes and patterns used in Box Breakdown Videos.

    • Lesson Video
  • Pride And Joy

    Here' the Box Breakdown video for Pride And Joy.

    • Box Breakdown
  • Other Songs

    There is a corresponding video for each song on the Texas Flood Album included in this Mini-Course. Song included are the original studio songs:

    • Love Struck Baby
    • Pride And Joy
    • Texas Flood
    • Tell Me
    • Testify
    • Rude Mood
    • Mary Had A Little Lamb
    • Dirty Pool
    • I'm Cryin
    • Lenny
    • Box Breakdown