Whiskey, Wine & Gin In The Style of “Tin Pan Alley" By Stevie Ray Vaughan

This course will teach you how to solo like SRV in the song Tin Pan Alley, at three different skill levels.


Whiskey, Wine & Gin

Tin Pan Alley is like a brick wall. No matter how well you think you’re doing on your guitar journey, the right video of Stevie playing this song will flatten your ego. Certain parts of that performance appear like an impenetrable fortress - accessible only to people born with unnatural skill.

No matter how impossible it feels, the Whiskey, Wine & Gin lessons can help you start. These solos capture the full range of soloing that Stevie demonstrated in Tin Pan Alley. You’ll learn the subdued style of soloing heard in the opening bars, the extended lightening-fast soloing sequences that he played live and that impossibly fast tremolo strumming that makes us all feel like quitting.

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