This course will teach you how to solo like SRV in the song Crossfire, at three different skill levels.



Crossfire is a bit of a strange song, it’s kind of rock, kind of blues and you spend most of the time on the I chord. This presents an interesting problem - how do you solo over an unchanging chord progression without sounding boring?

That’s exactly what I wanted to tackle in the Stranded lessons. So many of the songs we love have chord changes that we can use to make the solo more interesting, but in Crossfire there’s a fairly long period of time where we’re just playing over that grooving I chord rhythm. So what I’ve done is taken the major themes that Stevie used when playing Crossfire and extracted the parts that happen over the I chord. The resulting solos have all the power and soul that you’d expect and you barely notice that the rhythm part stays the same the entire way through.

Featured Videos

  • Beginner Lesson

    This is the exact solo that you’ll learn in the Beginner lesson.

  • Intermediate Lesson

    This is the exact solo that you’ll learn in the Intermediate lesson.

  • Advanced Lesson

    This is the exact solo that you’ll learn in the Advanced lesson.

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What's In This Course

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  • Tablature
  • Backing Track
  • Fretboard Diagrams