Original Ballad

Learn the chords and one chorus of the solo from a soulful original ballad, ala Life Without You.


Original Ballad

In 2008 I did a gear demonstration where I played an original song called Just Another Love Song. The demo was well received and I got many requests to teach the song as a lesson. In this series I teach the chord progression with a Hendrix inspired feel and one full chorus of the solo.

I also provide a “Commentary” video where I walk you through the entire demonstration talking about what I did and why I did it. For players who like to see inside the mind of a player they are studying, this is a great tool.

Featured Videos

  • Full Performance

    This is the performance the course is based on.

  • Sample Lesson

    Here’s a sample from the soloing lesson that shows which chorus is taught.

Lesson Details

  • Lesson 1
    Lesson 1: Chords

    Learn the Hendrix and SRV inspired chord progression in this ballad. Youíll learn the basic chord forms and the embellishments that transform them into the fluid mix of lead and rhythm heard in the song.

    • Lesson Video
  • Lesson 2
    Lesson 2: Solo Chorus

    Learn a single chorus of the solo note-for-note in this lesson.

    • Lesson Video
  • Lesson 3
    Lesson 3: Commentary

    In this lesson I'll walk though the solo with you, explaining why I played what I played at each point in the song.

    • Lesson Video