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Wampler Pedals Tumnus Deluxe Overdrive


Wampler Pedals Tumnus Deluxe Overdrive

The Tumnus Deluxe offers several improvements over the original Tumnus overdrive. Active mid and bass controls give you much more control over the tone, and a “hot” mode offers a noticeable increase in drive. The Deluxe would be perfectly usable as the primary source of drive into a very clean amp. The original Tumnus might not have enough drive on tap to suit some players in this scenario. While the original Tumnus has a bit of magic in the EQ curve, the Deluxe gives you more flexibility.

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The Deluxe is a good choice for players who intend to use a Klon style pedal in situations where they need more control over the tone and more available gain than the original.


  • Flexible Tone Controls
  • Hot mode offers more sustain and crunch
  • Switchable Buffer

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